Baselworld 2018. Day 1

Baselworld 2018. Day 1

Baselmania this year has begun and with the great exception of the Mammoth Hublot opening event...

Words by Johanna Moyano

Baselmania has begun and with the great exception of the Mammoth Hublot opening event (and its EPIC match of friendship starring, among others, Usain Bolt to play in his first game of football playing on José Mourinho’s team against Diego Maradona's team.

Yes, this is how we are kicking of Baselworld 2018. Unfortunately, or so I hear, there are words and whispers of decreased events and a general hushed down tone to the fairgrounds this year. Instead, or so the spin doctors will tell us, these are being replaced by the more discreet, VIP, targeted interactions. This includes the quintessential (we all wanted to go, no one I knew ever did) party bus that Breitling has hosted every year and that always ended up with some shenanigans in Le Trois Rois.

Is niche and targeted other words for ‘downsizing’ and cutbacks? Or, is its, as the tin says, the ushering of a new era of quality over quantity? For the first time in three years the fairground is without the brilliant winter sun that I have become so fond of. Are these all signs? Are brands moving away from these tradeshows? Is Baselworld (d)evolving? Will there be one last rain in Dubai? I am awash with the uncertainty of it all.

First full day of presentations coming up! More to come.


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