Astronomia by Jacob & Co.

Astronomia by Jacob & Co.

After 2 years of development, Jacob & Co. introduces at Baselworld 2017 the Astronomia Solar featuring the eight planets of our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Th the previous addition to the brand’s signature Astronomia collection, was the Astronomia Flawless.

“Flawless” not only refers to the watch’s impeccable appearance, but it is also the term for the highest grade of diamond clarity according to the Gemological Institute of America’s diamond grading scale. For a diamond to be declared flawless, no inclusions or blemishes should be visible under 10x magnification. Flawless is therefore a fitting benchmark for Jacob & Co.’s evolutionary interpretation of the Astronomia collection’s signature sapphire case.

Now Jacob & Co. pushed the Astronomia experience into a 44.5mm case: the Astronomia Solar, a movement of 34.55mm diameter and 439 components in constant bi-directional rotation and a representation of the solar system, enhancing even more the celestial reality.

The bi-directional movement rotates clockwise to complete a full 360 degree revolution in just ten minutes, the aventurine base rotates in the opposite direction at exactly the same speed, creating an accelerated, stylized view of the solar system.

The idea behind the Jacob & Co. Astronomia collection has always been to highlight, in a playful and suitably gem-set environment, the place of the Earth in our solar system.

Creating a zero gravity effect. It is, after all, the very foundation of our concept of time. In the Astronomia Solar, all eight planets in the solar system are given a place on the dial for the first time, with the sun at the center in the form of a 1.5ct Citrine with the unmistakable Jacob Cut® and its 288 facets.

The hand-engraved globe of the Earth rotates about its own axis once every 60 seconds and completes one full revolution of the dial in 10 minutes, as part of an assembly that also houses the subsidiary hour and minute dial and a one-minute flying tourbillon.

The reduced case size, new functions and faster rotation speed are all made possible by an entirely new in- house movement. The hand-wound Jacob & Co. calibre JCAM19 beats at a frequency of 4Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), which is faster than any of the other Astronomia models. Yet in spite of its smaller diameter, at just 34.55mm, it actually comprises 439 components, excluding the precious and semi-precious stones, which is more than in the other Astronomia models.

Continuing the Astronomia tradition of an abstract depiction of the universe that combines high-end Swiss watchmaking with Jacob Arabo’s talent for sourcing and his innovation in cutting the nest gemstones, the new Astronomia Solar expands the horizons both literally and figuratively.

Led by Jacob Arabo, a visionary who embodies the American dream, Jacob & Co. continues to revolutionize the world of jewellery and haute horology with creations that are as innovative as they are spectacular. Jacob & Co. brings a constant expansion of horology’s limitations to the design of high-end timepieces. The meticulous attention to detail with which the brand approaches each timekeeping instrument extends from the heartbeat of every watch to the magnificent stones that adorn each piece.


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